As of March, 2015:  Financial assistance for JR HI Summer
Camp at Firwood should be requested from Camp Firwood directly.

We offer students and families several ways to save for our camps and events.

SCRIP Program
Our year-round SCRIP program helps you earn 2%-10% of every dollar you spend on a huge variety of gift cards (grocery, gas, restaurants, clothing, etc.).  Start using SCRIP today - the savings really add up!!!  Read more on our website here.

Student Workdays
A few times per year we offer student workdays for student ministry teams and campers who need to earn extra money for camp. Workday dates are published via our website calendar as well as our newsletter.

Financial Assistance
We know unforeseen circumstances sometimes come up, throwing a wrench in your financial planning. If you are having financial struggles, we want to work with you to help send your student to camp.

We offer financial assistance to our students who demonstrate a commitment to our youth group, are self-motivated and excited to participate, are mature and respectful of others, are positive contributors to the group, and who have families who support their attendance and participation at UNITED.

If you need financial assistance, please complete the back of our Financial Assistance Form. Your request for financial assistance MUST be received at least TWO WEEKS PRIOR to the camp/event, without exception.  

Parents must register their student by the "Registration Deadline"  (noted below) in order for Financial Assistance to be considered.

JR HI Camp Casey 2017
SR HI Winterflash 2017



$ 50.00
$ 50.00

Questions?  Email Kellan at or send a general email to